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Japanese people have traditionally lived at floor level, by choice. Hence, small boxes (used for calligraphy, personal grooming, makeup and storage for personal or business affairs) were designed to be accessed from floor height.  Komono (as opposed to kimono) means small things in Japanese. Traditional Japanese small boxes are made from beautiful Japanese timbers, either lacquered or simply wooden, with artistry and exquisite detail. Most of the small Japanese boxes and mirror boxes in our collection are antiques. There are pieces from the Meiji, Taisho and Showa historical periods (late 1860s to 1950s). Please see specific komono pieces for detailed descriptions and prices.

Many of the other small things (komono) in this category, as well as boxes, are also antiques: Japanese dolls, puppet heads, carved wooden bears, wooden go boards with turned wooden go stone pots, sake kegs, flower arranging (ikebana) baskets, bowls and bamboo pieces. We have also included gorgeous temple pieces (tables, temple bells, candlestick holders, Buddhist figures) and fire-boxes (hibachi). Old Japanese ceramics, lacquer ware pieces and tea things are grouped together. In a separate section we have included new Japanese ceramic lucky cats (maneki neko) and traditionally crafted contemporary ceramic pieces.

Products by the Japanese Company, Gakken Sta:Ful, including stationery, pens and pencils, greeting cards and some educational toys for small children, are found in the Gakken section. Japanese Silky scissors are found in the Silky section.

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