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Our gallery illustrates the Japanese antique furniture pieces that have been available for purchase through our web site. There are just too many Japanese ceramics, tea bowls, floor cushions, temple pieces, silk kimono, haori and obi available to list on our site.

We attend the Port Elliot and Goolwa markets regularly, with a Kagu stall. We carry smaller antique boxes, antique dolls, ceramics and fabrics. Please check the News tabs for the location, times and dates of the Port Elliot and Goolwa markets.


  • Japanese small trunk with lift off lid

  • Japanese masks cast buddha and clay lucky god signed

  • Japanese wooden kokeshi dolls signed

  • Japanese wooden puppet head horsehair country

  • Japanese small curtain (noren) lucky cats

  • Japanese cedar transom carved 1900s

  • Japanese teacup & silk obi

  • Japanese wooden lacquer sake barrels 1860s

  • Japanese silk obi metallic thread traditional pattern both sides

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